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Religion & Science Reconcile

God said “Let there be light and there was light.” In Angels & Demons, the invention of antimatter is a scientific way of studying the universe akin to the big bang theory of explosion wherein two negative ions compacted thus creating the collision. Science and religion are just two different concepts that are hard to reconcile. Science is based on empirical reasoning while Religion is based on the fundamental philosophical concept of human reasoning. Oh wait, Is empirical reasoning a form of human reasoning in itself? Yes and No. Let us assess these two ideas in order for us to understand more.


The Significance of Religious Conspiracy

Religious conspiracy was the center of controversy when Da Vinci Code streamlined the film box office in 2006. Not only that it was adopted from a bestseller but it contains the Holy Grail conspiracy that hypothesized the marriage of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ who have carried their living descendants. Their bloodline is said to be protected by a secret society called the Priory of Sion with utmost confidentiality from the Catholic religion. Brown, faced with litigation on property rights and sacrilegious criticisms, were lucky enough to outsell the concept; although, the forerunner of that same idea first came during 1972 from a best-seller The Jesus Scroll written by Australian author Donovan Joyce.


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