The Illuminati Quest: A Journey to Rome

Since Angels & Demons embarks us on a thriller journey saving the entire Vatican City from a 24-hour ticking time bomb, the most engaging in its entire plot are trivia embedded on every spots where the rituals are happening. Initially, be warned though as there are spoilers ahead. After all, in most Dan Brown’s books, the point of excitement is where conspiracy trivia are evaluated.

Yes, you are a fanatic! It does sticks in your subconscious the images were still vivid on the aftermath of your reading. As a conspiracy book-lover, the next thing you could probably be doing is make it real the spots of the rituals by visiting Rome. Let’s face it. It’s a fiction but as suspension-of-disbelief is put into consideration, you would be in Rome already!

These mighty Illuminati have rituals done on every spots cross the in-and-out of Vatican City. That is what we’re trying to investigate here. These crimes were done by Illuminati serial killer known as the hassassin into each of these places that represents Earth, Air, Fire and Water with branded ambigrams into the bodies of the religious victims. While there are lots of significant places mentioned by Brown, typically these spots are worth prioritizing if you adhere to the journey based on the movie or book. Either of these adaptation, it can’t be helped that some descriptions are exaggerated and/or inaccurate. Perhaps the film set decoration has outdone it since Vatican City didn’t grant the film-makers the right to shoot on the actual location.


The first Path of Illumination gives us a clue about the primordial element Earth. Langdon has been taken to the Chigi Chapel where the significant Bernini’s Habakkuk and the Angel is located suggesting that Gian Lorenzo Bernini, a prominent baroque artist during the medieval time, is an illuminatus.  The first cardinal was branded with an earth ambigram where a soil forced into his mouth suffocated him.  The interesting part of this location is the demon’s hole leading to an abyss underground of the Chigi Chapel where the murder happened. It was first presumed by Langdon to be an Oculus of a pagan tomb of the ceiling in Pantheon. This very first spot will be interesting for someone who is undergoing a tour following the Path of Illumination. How deep really is the demon’s hole in the Chapel of Santa Maria del Popolo? I reckon for someone to open it though.


The second element is air of the second path of Illumination. The murder happened in the famous Saint Peter’s Square West Ponente meaning west point of the obelisk. Nothing may be as noteworthy if you’re just into Saint Peter Square after all it just a vast spacious field where big masses and parades are commenced on Christian occasion. The West Ponente, an average sized circular plaque of a man blowing an air implanted on the ground for direction purposes, can be of a value to someone following the path of illumination. (more…)

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